In the past, borrowers have anticipated staying with just one provider for the full term of their mortgage. However, many mortgages now operate with a reduced initial rate of interest for the first two years only, before defaulting to the higher, standard variable rate, and borrowers are not always aware that, at this point, there is an opportunity to change to a new provider.

The AK Partnership specialises in helping clients achieve the best continuing, long term value for their money, which can often mean changing mortgage providers on a comparatively regular basis. Many AKP clients really appreciate the company’s specialist knowledge and expertise in remortgaging as they know this can frequently provide them with considerable savings.

Often clients need to raise money from the equity in their property to facilitate home improvements, buy an investment property or simply to clear other borrowings. Re-mortgaging to a lower rate, or raising money for any purpose, is something that AKP can help to arrange quickly and cost effectively.

AKP’s re-mortgaging service is open to all borrowers, whether an initial loan has been obtained through AKP, or another adviser.
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