Chances are, you’ve landed here because you’re looking for help with arranging mortgage finance. If that’s the case, why not drop me a note; let’s see if I can help, without obligation –


I’ve spent the past 25 years helping busy professionals and business owners to secure the right mortgage funding for their house they want to buy or refinance, whether that be an investment or a property to live in. I deal all types of clients – from your salaried PAYE professional to business owners who’s income is creative with help from their accountant!


I have worked in all sectors of the mortgage market – which is probably one of the most regulated industries in the UK, full of complicated rules that often don’t make sense. I know what challenges people face obtaining the right mortgage and can help navigate through the complexities of the banks regulation driven by red tape from the regulators.


I provide a no nonsense straight talking approach to getting you the money you need quickly, at the right price, and without all the hassle.


Please get in touch, I would be pleased to assist you.



Re-mortgage to save money and get a better deal – interest rates start from as little as 1.89%, free valuation and free legals.

Contact us now for details. Submit your details today. Get the best re-mortgage deals.

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Buy to Let Mortgage

Whether you are a first time landlord or an experienced buy to let owner, the Adrian Knott Partnership is the right choice for you.

We have exclusive BTL deals available that could save you £000′s.

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Moving home

Moving home can be a stressful time!

Let an experienced advisor from the Adrian Knott Partnership assist you with the financing of your new home, with low rates.

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